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No Mercy Basketball 

No Mercy Basketball, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is designed to give the absolute BEST basketball experience to the players and parents.  Through 30+ years of experience, management, insight and knowledge, we have problem solved some of the major issues with club basketball teams and designed a strong program that focuses on the student athlete (3rd through 12th grade) and parent needs.

Student Athlete Focus:

  • Create smaller sized teams to ensure each and every player gets enough in-game playing experience.

  • Create teams of like-minded players.

  • Set individual basketball goals at the beginning of each session and track progress to completion.

  • Periodically bring in some of the very best guest trainers and conditioning experts to work with your basketball player. 

  • Periodically bring in guest speakers to give players knowledge [Players (HS and College),  Coaches, Parents, etc.]

  • Give balanced positive and constructive feedback to keep the player motivated and engaged.  

  • Increase player's overall basketball IQ.

  • Strong focus on basketball fundamentals.

  • Ensure Elite Level Players are competing in the best available competitive basketball tournaments and/or leagues.

  • Provide opportunities for players to attend camps, exposure (college and media) and travel events.

  • Prepare student athlete for their next level:  elementary school team, high school team or college team.

Parent Focus:

  • Strong partnership between parents and the program.

  • Set individual player goals at the start of each session.

  • Periodically have player/parent check-in meetings to track progress of goals.

  • Establish 360 degree feedback loop.

  • Use of technology to communicate program information and to keep in touch.

  • Recommendations for resources, if applicable.

  • Reasonable Team Fees.

  • Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer to coach/assistant coaching.

  • Build and foster an environment of trust.

  • Listen and understand the player and parents in order to meet goals.

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