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We offer several development opportunities for ALL players who want to get better and take the game to THEIR next level.     You do not have to play for No Mercy to attend any of the below development opportunities.  We welcome ALL players to attend!

*new* Skill Work Sessions are 1 hour HARD WORK sessions!  Players can sign up for skill work training on ball handling, shooting and/or  speed/agility/strength (SAS).  Each session is dedicated to improving that particular skill.  Sessions are offered each week and are $10 per session.  You can attend 1 session or all 3.  Sign up early as spots are limited.  Sign Up

Pop Up Training Sessions are random skill work sessions to help players sharpen their skills.   For a small fee, we open the gym for all basketball players (regardless of AAU program) who want to work on their skills.   Training session includes, ball handling, shooting gun work, drills, etc.  Keep checking our website and social media for dates and times.  

Camps and Clinics are designed to work on targeted basketball skills.  Repeat, repeat and repeat.   Does your player need to work on their crossover?  Does your player need some new moves?  Is your player just beginning to play the game?  We got you covered!  Register for a camp or clinic today! Call or Text:  815-836-6062 or email:


Our Shooting Gun is available for rent to up your shooting game!   Workout with the tool the pros use.  We will work with you to design the perfect shooting workout and let the Shooting Gun and you work your magic.    Reserve Your Spot  

Skill Work

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