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Team No Mercy Girls

Girls Just Hooping!

Girls Just Hooping is dedicated to girls who just want to hoop and have fun doing it!  There is a group of girls who really enjoy the game of basketball.  However, when their club basketball season is over or when school ball ends, they still want to play.  When boys want to play basketball, they can simply grab a basketball and go outside and hoop with other boys.  That is not the case with girls.  The only time they  can play is either during club season, school season or with other boys.  Perhaps the player wants to try working on their 3 point shot, but she is afraid to shoot it in a game setting at school or in club ball for fear they will miss and disappoint the team.  Perhaps the player wants to try a behind the back pass, this is the forum to do it!  Girls Just Hooping encourages players to just hoop!  You will never build the skill if you never gain the confidence to use it.   


During club season downtime, we will offer Girls Just Hooping events, where the girls play in a local tournament, typically 3 games.  There will be no plays or coaching.  The players will think outside of the box, work on their improvement areas and just hoop.  A coach will be present to call timeouts, do substitutions, provide feedback, etc....but no coaching.  We encourage the girls to use their basketball IQ on the court.  Five in Five out, so all players get the maximum amount of playing time.  We do not care about getting wins and collecting medals, we only care about getting better and having fun while doing it! 

We foster an environment of teamwork, creativity and fun, while balling out on the court.

This initiative is not a ploy to get you to join No Mercy.  If you currently  play on a club team, please continue to do so.  Our promise to you and your club team, we will never solicit you to join our program.  This initiative is dedicated to that special group of girls who just want to play because they love the game!

Joining the team is by invitation only and open to 7th, 8th and high school girls.  Please click the Contact Us button below to ask for more details.

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